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The Many Ways Automation Can Help with Customer Support

Dealing with customers never turns out the way you expect. Some of them can be easy to deal with, while others will have a million questions that you’ve already covered in the company primer. You can’t simply tell them to educate themselves; they expect you to hold their hand if needed. Thankfully, helping them get used to your services need not be a manual spoonfeeding endeavor. With these tools, they get what they need even when you’re not around:

Onboarding Software

Starting from scratch can be challenging for customers, but it’s an absolute must before they can proceed to any other kind of transaction. When you are providing services that they will use regularly, it’s better to use onboarding software to get them acquainted with commands and functions they might need again in the future. You might not be able to cover everything if you try to help them manually. A carefully set up onboarding software can address the concerns they might encounter at a later date. This takes away the hassle of answering repeated questions and wasting away precious minutes to deal with different customers with the same concerns. From simple changes in their payment method to more complicated steps to order in bulk, both you and the customers will be able to accomplish more with the help of onboarding software.

Site Support

customer support conceptLike any human being, you need to sleep. This doesn’t mean your business has to be put on hold, however. While you sleep, customers have some concerns, and they need someone to be there to help. Whether you’re choosing to go with a structured text or forum based site support, or you prefer to leave them a contact form so that you can get back to each query when you wake up, time is of the essence. The sooner they can express their inquiry, the clearer it will be in their mind. And if you’ve built a robust FAQ, the information they need might already be there, which means it will be resolved even before you wake up. For those who prefer a more human approach to site support, there’s an option to outsource this part of the business. Offshore support can be provided by outsourced employees, who will be in a different timezone, so they are awake while you’re snoozing.

Automated Messaging App

Perhaps you’ve encountered this on a Facebook page already. When customers have questions outside operating hours, they might be able to find answers by typing a series of keywords into a business page’s messaging app. The messaging bot takes information from its database of responses depending on the keyword the customer has chosen. For instance, on an e-commerce platform, the customer can get information on cancellation and shipping fees without needing to wait for you to respond to them directly. These are common enough concerns that can do with some automation, as their replies are pretty standard. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. This is apparent when you’re running a business and can take advantage of automated services to get things done more efficiently. Choosing not to do so is just unwise.
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