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The Growing Perks of Automation

Technology has come a long way in the last 50 years. Although the world hasn’t yet seen flying cars, some innovations genuinely look like they came straight out of a science fiction movie. Robots, for example, have been in use in a lot of industries, something that would have been unbelievable for people in the early to the mid-20th century. But even then, they understood the core benefits of automation like efficiency and productivity. But they couldn’t have imagined how this technology is applied today. To get a better perspective, here are the rewards of automation in the modern world:

Lower Operating Costs

Depending on the task at hand, robots or automated systems can perform tasks that would traditionally take more than one person to fulfill. This equates to much lower labor costs. The efficiency with which these tasks are performed also contributes to the cost savings. Energy use is also optimized here, further adding to money saved. Lastly, the reduction of errors in processes also significantly improves cost-efficiency. According to Business News Daily, this benefit of automation is not exclusive in the assembly lines of factories. They cite Zoho and Constant Contract programs that automate their email marketing campaigns, saving both time and money.

Improved Workplace Safety

workers at the power plant Automated systems are taking over the more dangerous and risk-ridden tasks in many industries. According to the Conversation, automated monitoring, remote sensing, recording, and even robots have been helping the oil industry keep both employees and properties safe. This is truly a breakthrough since working in oil rigs can be very dangerous, as the world has seen in the plethora of explosions before. The rise in collaborative robots or cobots is also helping keep workplace injuries to a minimum. These cobots usually work alongside humans in production lines in factories. What used to be also a risky job for people – working with heavy machinery – has now become much safer thanks to these automated robots.

Increase Productivity

This is one of the more prominent benefits of automation. Across the industries that automation is being used, this is one of the undeniable advantages it has brought. The increased efficiency and accuracy of the processes reduces the time of production. Less production time means more products made over the same duration compared to traditional methods. And this is not unique to factories or assembly lines. Digital Automated processes in companies have also significantly increased productivity by reallocating precious resources, human or otherwise, into other, often more important, tasks. In the packaging industry, for example, the accessibility of businesses to even simple automated systems like folder and glue machines has improved productivity while also raising the standard for packaging in general.


This is an underrated advantage of automation. The ability to make changes and adjustments on processes with minimal effort and time should be more advertised. Compared to how similar changes would have been made with people, where training, coaching, and information campaigns would have been required, automation makes it far simpler for businesses. Automation is here, and its benefits are already visible across different industries. Of course, there are more than the four advantages mentioned here. And it wouldn’t be surprising if more are made in the future.
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