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Techniques for Gold Recycling from Different Sources

Gold facial mask on womanGold has been one of the most mined metals worldwide for centuries. Currently, over 80% of the available gold is in the form of jewellery, nuggets and bars, among other products. As such, miners need to use more expensive techniques and harmful chemicals to get the little gold ore still present in the earth’s layers. Mining is also a leading cause of deforestation and soil erosion. Gold recycling is, therefore, one of the critical things a waste management company focuses on.  There are different techniques used for gold recycling depending on the source of the scrap gold. Here are some information to boost your comprehension of these techniques:

Coins and Jewellery

Ascertaining the number of contaminants in gold jewellery and coins is the initial step in recycling them. This is done using an electronic tester, melting point test, acid kit or x-ray fluorescence spectrometer. The coins or jewellery are then melted. Pure gold is then poured into bars while that still containing impurity is further smelted.

Electronic and Industrial Waste

The gold in this waste is embedded in plastic and metal. After stripping the products, the gold might be separated using a compound to react with it. Alternatively, the product can be melted, cooled then ground to separate the gold. The gold separated through both processes will then be smelted for further purification.

Dental Appliances

Fillings, casting moulds and bridges from dental practices can also be recycled. The recycler will use reverse electroplating or acid reduction to separate gold from non-metallic elements. The extracted gold is then smelted and formed into bars. The prices of gold are ever rising. As such, you can guarantee that selling the above products to a recycler will net you a tidy sum. Play your part in eco-conservation by selling your gold products off at a reputable waste management company for recycling rather than throwing them away or hoarding.
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