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How to Find a Naturally Cool Place to Live in Metro Manila

couple loving their new homeHeat and humidity are synonymous with the Philippines, especially with the highly urbanized and densely populated cities of Metro Manila. The usual notion is that it’s impossible to find a naturally cool place in the desert-like region, but this is a myth. With thoughtful architectural details, Rockwell Leasing and Secondary Sales noted that some properties are less hot and are more comfortable to live in. If you’re searching for a room to rent in Pasig, Mandaluyong, or Makati, use these tips to keep your air-conditioning costs to a minimum:

Put a Premium on Landscaping

Unlike hardscapes, areas covered with vegetation absorb less infrared light from the sun. Grass and shrubbery help keep the ground temperature low, which reduces the urban heat island effect. Plus, trees can provide shade and funnel winds into living spaces.

Look at the Exterior Wall Color

More than just increasing the property’s curb appeal, lighter colors can help regulate indoor climate. They absorb less heat and re-emit infrared light more quickly, making the sun less of a factor.

Pay Attention to Placement of Windows

Natural ventilation combats heat gain. Windows take advantage of the prevailing winds and alleviate the stack effect — a phenomenon where the moisture-ridden, warm air rises. Their effectiveness as ventilators depends on where they’re located. For the best results, they should be at opposite sides of the building or room to produce cross ventilation. When the air enters and exits the space through a smaller and bigger opening, respectively, its cooling effect improves due to its increased velocity.

Avoid Higher Floors

Again, the stack effect teaches us that the hot air goes up because it’s less dense. As a result, rooms located on higher floors usually depend on air conditioners more to battle heat and humidity. Choosing to live in a naturally cool property is a practical decision. It can enrich your lifestyle in many ways, and help protect the environment by lowering your cooling load during the hottest months of the year.
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