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Smart Pet Ownership: Things You Can Do To Cut Costs

Pet ownership is a running theme in the picture of happy American households. In the 2019-2020 National Pet Survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), they determined that 85 million families own pets. They also projected that an estimated 99 billion dollars would be spent on these pets in 2020 alone. These figures can be shocking, especially if you haven’t been a pet owner for long. It’s good to know as early as now that pets are expensive to keep. Why do so many owners keep them anyway? It’s because the love they give is priceless. The good news is that while you can’t avoid these expenses, you can be smart about them. With excellent planning, it’s possible to make your pet happy while cutting costs in the long run.

Insurance Is Your Best Friend

Insurance is an ever-present word in all the money-saving hacks you’ll read. The reason is simple: it’s designed to look after your financial welfare in the long haul. It might seem heavy at first, especially if you’re new to it, but look at the big picture. You’ll be spending much less than you would’ve if you hadn’t applied for one.

So what kind of insurance should you seek out?

There’s such a thing as pet insurance, and you have more than a handful of companies to choose from in the US. Investing in this will enable you to pick your veterinarian, choose the best treatments for your sick pet, and avoid financial woes in case of emergencies, among others. You should also consider the cheapest home insurance for the welfare of your family and your property. When you consider all the things that can go wrong, like accidental bites and damaged assets, you can plan how to prevent or recover from them.

Meticulousness Is Important

Unlike children, dogs and cats are predictable. Numerous books, blogs, and TV shows suffice to inform you of their stages of growth. When you draft a plan on what expenses you’ll likely make in those different stages, you can avoid inflating costs that you could’ve controlled had you planned better. A puppy’s teething phase is a good example. This is when it’ll need durable toys and frequent obedience training. When you make time to source out cheap but quality toys and spend time training it, you’re less likely to suffer from ruined furniture.

Preventive Care

pet care When pet owners talk about cutting costs, many relate this first to cutting back on vet visits. It’s true enough that trips to the vet account for a huge some in your total expense. You have to consider, however, that it’s through this that preventive care is possible. Many owners will attest to the jaw-dropping invoice they received for pets that were diagnosed late. When a disease is in its later stages, it only means more medicines and treatments to purchase. Scheduling regular visits to the vet–one every four months is a good compromise–will help you diagnose any disease early and prevent it from getting worse. You might’ve shelled out money on blood tests and some mild medicines, but they’re nothing compared to surgeries and IV drips.

Be a Smart Pet Owner

There’s nearly nothing new under the sun when it comes to pet ownership. All that’s left is for you to do your homework, make the right choices, and enjoy life with your pet. You’ll be able to appreciate your relationship better when you don’t have money problems weighing you down every time you play fetch.
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