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Why Senior Dog Food Is Will Help Your Aging Pet Live Longer

senior dog sleeping on a couchIf your pooch has too much ‘middle-aged spread,’ less energy or is suffering from the effects of arthritic joints you might consider giving them senior dog food. The lower fat, higher fiber special formulation is ideal.

Just like humans, as dogs age, they start to gain weight around their middle. This is a result of a slowing down of their metabolism. They cannot process the nutrients in food as quickly and don’t require as many, leading some of the food to be stored as fat.

Excessive weight gain puts a strain on the joints, making arthritic conditions more likely. It also accentuates inflammation, draining the animal of energy.

Excessive Weight Makes Dogs Age Faster

Scientists are becoming increasingly aware that chronic low-level inflammation has links to a wide variety of medical problems, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

In addition to being at higher risk for these diseases, being overweight can make a senior dog age faster, and this could lower the dog’s lifespan.

Advantages of Senior Dog Food

Senior dog food is specially formulated to suit the needs of older dogs (older is classed as six and over for larger breeds and nine and over for small breeds). The food has:

  • Lower Fat – to help them maintain a healthy weight and heart.
  • More Fiber – The higher fiber content helps their intestines digest food more effectively, protecting them against gastrointestinal problems and bad breath.
  • Added Glucosamine – Senior formulations often contain added supplements to help the dog live a happy and healthy life. These include glucosamine to improve the flexibility of the joints and guard against arthritis, omega 3 for better mobility, vitamin A for a shinier coat and clearer skin and herbs or oils to improve energy and mental agility.

Senior dogs might require more water than younger dogs, particularly when eating dry food, so it’s important that they always have a plentiful supply.

Canine aging can bring with it weight gain, decreased energy, and painful joints, but owners can help relieve these symptoms with senior pet food.

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