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Simple Cleaning Hacks You Should Try

Woman ready to cleanNobody wants to clean all day long, especially during weekends when you are supposed to be resting or spending quality time with family or friends. The good thing is there are many cleaning services providers in Sydney, one of which is Kalloza, which can take care of your cleaning and maintenance needs. However, if you would still prefer to do the cleaning yourself, you can save time and make your life easier by doing the following tricks:

Use oil to remove grease build-up

You can use oil to eliminate grease splatter on the top and hood of your stove. Just put three drops of mineral oil or vegetable oil on a paper towel then scrub it on the slimy area. Afterwards, put a small amount of all-purpose cleaner to allow the oil make the surface look shiny.

Use old socks for cleaning blinds

Wear an old clean sock on one side of your hand and wash it with water. Grip the panel of the blind then slide your hand with socks from one end to the other. Carefully get rid of the dust and dirt from both sides.

Shine woodwork using vinegar or lemon

Using vinegar or lemon, remove dirt and dust build-up in woodwork, then leave it for hours to make it look shiny. You can also wipe the area using a mixture of lemon oil and white vinegar. Blend well then use a towel to scrub it across the woodwork. Be an effective cleaner with these hacks that make use of simple tools, which you can easily find at home. Save yourself time and money, and spend the rest of your day having fun with your family.
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