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Adding Pizzazz to Your Dream Wedding Without Overspending

Bride and groom after the weddingIt doesn’t matter how much time you spend budgeting your money for your big day, once you start going over the details, cash will start to fall out of your pockets. Gather all your wits and choose creativity over extravagance. You can have the romantic wedding you’ve been dreaming of without spending too much on items you don’t need.

Tell Your Story

This is where searching for inspiration online does more harm than good. Resist the urge to match the best of what they have on Pinterest and instead, be authentic. Your one-of-a-kind love story with its imperfections, eccentricities and unique joys will tug at the hearts of your family and friends. Instead of shelling out too much cash for a professionally done prenup video, look for videos and photos from your memorable vacations and work around these.

Stick to a Theme

One of the pitfalls of wanting everything to be perfect is not knowing where to stop. Decide on a theme and be consistent. If you would like a Western-themed wedding for example then you can use sunflowers or even wheat.

Work with the Environment

You need a good eye to see potential in simple details that are already there in your choice of venue. A clear span tent rental, for example, is an excellent investment allowing your guests to connect with the beautiful outdoors. Here’s a practical guide on how to choose a beautiful tent for your event.

Invest in a Grand Entrance

There is a new trend particularly for destination weddings called the gift lounge where guests can put together their own welcome kit from their favorite items or food. What it does is start your event strong by giving your guests something fun and interesting to do. If you can make your guests smile the moment they arrive, there’s a good chance they’d be in an upbeat mood for the ceremony and reception. Remember that it’s not the money that you spend, but the vision that you hold that will make your wedding special. Plan well, exercise restraint, and be creative.
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