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Show Your Mum Some Love This Mother’s Day

MothersBeing a working mum is a very tasking and tiring responsibility. Mums have to wake up before everybody else and be the last one to sleep at night. This is why there is a Mother’s Day, where for one day sons and daughters around the world thank their mothers for the care and love. Everywhere in the world, different cultures celebrate their own version of Mother’s Day.
The people of Thailand celebrate Mother’s Day on the 12th of August, during their Queen’s birthday. They celebrate it by giving cards and flowers to their mothers, but most importantly, they celebrate it with a parade and different gifts for their queen.
Arab Countries
Interestingly, the history of celebrating Mother’s Day in Arab countries started when a widowed mother who raised her son alone and devoted all her resources to her son was left behind when her son got married without even a small gratitude from him. A journalist then actively promoted Mother’s Day, celebrated every 21st of March.
United States
People in the US usually celebrate Mother’s Day during the second Sunday of May by serving breakfast to mothers with flowers. Some of them assume the responsibilities and tasks of their mothers that day and ask them to relax instead.
United Kingdom
Children in the UK almost do the same thing as others: give cards, bring their mums to nice dinner, or even as elaborate as giving them a gift certificate for the best spa break Bath, England, can offer, and the like. Many mums appreciate these simple acts of gratitude from children, and if you have not done it for your mum then it is time to give her a relaxing weekend away with no worries and away from work. Even though people from different countries celebrate in different ways, the idea is to acknowledge the things given to you by your mother whether it is through a card, phone call, or a simple and heartfelt ‘Thank you.’
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