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FAQs about Comic Cons for Newcomers

comic conventionComic conventions have exploded in popularity nowadays. It’s only a few years when only fans of science fiction, comic books and animated features attended such events. Today, everyone goes and these events are no longer exclusively for the geek crowd anymore. Ever since movie studios and television networks let their stars conduct panels each year, the attendance skyrocketed.

Nonetheless, many people are daunted to go to comic cons. Maybe they’re just not familiar with the environment or the amount of visitors scares them.

1. Is There Anything Else Apart From Comic Books?

It’d be wise for everyone to expect comic books everywhere in a comic con. After all, it’s its namesake. But, there are so much more than that. Big companies are also present to show their new products, so does other small businesses that sell myriad of goods. When it comes to merchandise, comic cons are like bazaars.

2. How Many People Attend Comic Cons?

If you live in San Diego, New York or Seattle, be prepared to bump elbows all the time. These three cities hold the biggest comic cons in North America with an average crowd of 80,000. Don’t worry because the events are usually disseminated to avoid overcrowding. Event management companies like offer ways to manage these conventions successfully.

3. Do You Have to Dress Up?

Like during Halloween, dressing up is totally acceptable in comic cons. You can suit up normally or don the clothes of your favorite fictional character. When your outfit is on point, it’s certain that some people are going to want to snap up pictures with you.

4. Is Your Favorite TV Series Present?

If you’re planning to go for the sole purpose of seeing your favorite TV characters in the flesh, SDCC is the one for you. The event has many Hollywood connections and the biggest shows are always present to hold panels for their fans.

5. How Early Should You Line for Tickets?

Much like when your favorite band comes to town, get to the ticket providers quickly. Passes sell out fast and it’s best to get yours as early as you can.

Comic cons are events where you’re going to want to bring your friends. If you cannot find anyone else interested, you’ll get to meet people who share your passion in the event.

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