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Should You Live in Batangas, Cavite or Laguna?

Beach in the PhilippinesMost working-class Filipinos dream of buying their own home in Metro Manila, due to the prospect of being close to work, recreational facilities and basic amenities such as quality hospitals and schools. This is according to Property Survey. However, the high price of real estate in the metro has led some buyers to look elsewhere, particularly in Batangas, Cavite or Laguna. These nearby provinces serve as alternative destinations for home purchases, without being too far away from Metro Manila.

Comparative Look

Transportation infrastructure will be a key factor to consider when you plan to choose between the three provinces. On the map, some parts of Cavite and Laguna are nearer the metro. However, those living in Batangas can either use the SLEX, Skyway or the ACTEX to reach their destination in Metro Manila. Batangas also has more IT parks and centers compared to Cavite and Laguna, which have two and five, respectively. Still, Cavite has the most number of economic zones with 20 in the manufacturing, agro-industrial, tourism, IT parks, and centers, according to PEZA. Batangas and Laguna tie at 18 economic zones.

House and Lot Package

Enrique Soriano, executive director at Wong + Bernstein Advisory Group, said that there had been an increase in horizontal developments in Batangas, Cavite, and Laguna for the last 20 years. While condominiums have become more popular, single-family homes account for nearly 76% of all transactions in the residential property market. If you are wondering about costs, you can now check for an online price review. Lancaster New City in Cavite is one of many other mixed-use developments in the province, where finding prices online has become easier for agents or buyers. A province near Metro Manila may be a better choice for a home purchase, but not for another buyer. In other words, the place where you choose to live will depend on factors such as proximity to work, home prices, and employment opportunities.
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