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3 Business Ideas That Will Attract the California Crowd

A woman relaxing at a spaCalifornians beat to their own drum. They have a lifestyle that is easily distinguishable from that of New Yorkers’, and they are not apologetic about it. They are fashion icons in their own right, and this should make it easy for you to start a business centered on their lifestyle. Here are some business ideas fit for the California lifestyle:


Californians love to be pampered, and a weekend spa retreat will do just that. To get your business started, find a location that is close to other luxury areas. Look for spa financial solutions to help fund your idea. Real estate prices in California can be steep; you don’t want your bank account to be drained easily because of the deposit.

Food Joint

Many articles have been written about food from New York, California, and Chicago, and for good reason. You’ll see different types of cuisines being served in California, including a fusion of several cultures and countries. Adding your own twist to a classic menu will easily earn you a top spot in the hearts of Californians, especially if you offer them in hefty servings and good prices. Aesthetics also play a part in gathering initial customers who will propel your food joint to Instagram fame.

Clothing Shop

One of the unique things that define California is its sense of style. Residents want to express their individuality and would even distress their own clothes to get the look they want. Look at the style icons that have come from California and see how forward thinking they can be. If you have a passion for fashion and design, opening up your own shop or e-commerce store can be a good business opportunity. Californians’ way of life is laid back and youthful. Give them something new that’s inspired by their own culture and you’ll enjoy the benefits.
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