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Refrigeration: If It Preserved the Dinosaurs, It Can Keep Your Meats Fresh

FrozenIt’s easy to curse the cold when the temperature drops. Not only do you need to wear additional clothing to warm up, your social life becomes more limited as you can’t go out with friends. As much as you want to, there is no need to fuss about the cold. There’s social media where you can easily connect with your circle if you just feel like socializing. While the cold maybe frustrating at times, it made possible after the preservation of ancient creatures, it made fresh food last. The perfect, most convenient example would be your freezer.

Cold Solutions

Mothers know best when tell you meat doesn’t last long. If left on the table, it’s either you let it spoil or eat it all. Refrigeration is the key to maintaining the freshness of the meat. Meat goods reach shop shelves are still fresh thanks to vehicles provided by refrigerated trucking companies such as Meat preservation has come a long way from the ice butchers used in the late 1800s. Today’s reefers, however, use advanced technologies capable of holding low temperatures suited to preserve all kinds of meaty products.

A Nation of Meat-Eaters

All the fascination with meat did not just start with the obsession of The Walking Dead to feast on any living creature that moves – human or not. It certainly did not end with the decision of some health buffs to stay strictly vegetarian. The US is a nation of meat-eaters. Americans love meat so much they are the essence of the local cuisine and the centerpiece of most fast foods. The numbers say it all. In 2012 alone, the America consumed a whopping 52.3 billion pounds of meat. Now, any grader will tell you who know his quarter pounder that that’s a lot of meat. That right there is the problem. The cold that was useful for the conservation of dinosaurs is the biggest refrigerator we have. Thanks to scientists and everyone who wanted to use the cold for the benefit of everyone, we can have cold anywhere.
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