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Ranking Factors That Have an Impact on Your Business

Search engine algorithms constantly change because of updates or needs. In such cases, you need to adapt, or you will fall out of the first page in your industry. Knowing the factors that make or break your website’s success is important. Including these in your strategy is a must to stay ahead of the competition. A digital marketing agency from Kansas City cites the following factors to keep abreast of in the near future.

Page Speed

Page speed is now an official ranking factor since Google’s recent update a couple of years ago. It is now a necessity to have a site that loads fast enough to keep the attention of visitors. You’ll need to improve this aspect of your pages to stay ahead of competitors. Compressing files, reducing buttons and features, and using negative space are just some of the ways to keep loading times at a minimum. A simpler website with more detailed information and content is the way to go.

Good Content

One thing remains the same despite all the search engine updates and changes. Content still reigns over all the factors. Focus on your niche and target market to keep your vaunted position atop search engine results pages. Create topic-based articles, videos, infographics and other types of content to keep your audience engaged. Link relevant pages to each other to spread the traffic and clicks across your website.

Time Spent on a Page

The click is important but it’s not the end, search engines may nudge your site up or down its results pages based on time spent. If a visitor doesn’t even last a minute on your site, it sends a negative signal to Google. It means your website doesn’t provide the information someone needs to solve their problem or answer a question. On average, a person spends approximately three minutes browsing a page. Keep their attention by creating high-quality content in the form of videos, articles or photos.

Understand Searcher Intent

When you understand the intention of your visitors, you are able to create content that boosts traffic, conversion rate and your ranking. This factor allows users to find what they are looking for accurately. Google has created a featured snippet that focuses on multi-intent searches a user makes. To use this knowledge to your advantage, you’ll need to review your Analytics. Digital marketing experts cite that you should find the main reasons people click on your links and browse your website.

Rich Snippets

Example of a website A snippet provides a better-looking sneak peek at your site’s content. This allows a potential visitor to determine if your page is relevant to their intention. A photo or a rating is the common snippets used to provide a visual representation of your content on a search result page. Implementing these filters unsure users from those that know what they want. These are some of the ranking factors you need to include in your website building and online marketing strategies. Implement these to maintain your competitive advantage and keep your audience wanting more.
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