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Does Google Hates Your Website? Here’s Why Your Search Rankings are Dropping

SEO ServicesSearch engine optimisation is becoming increasingly popular. And with the expected changes in 2016, website owners cannot afford to continue using outdated SEO tactics. Unlike the past where SEO was associated with how many links you had, today’s SEO is closely aligned with content value and the overall user experience. Sites that fail to keep up with the changes may end up being penalised in the form of less traffic. Here are some reasons why your rankings may be dropping and what you can do about it:
Poor content
Are you providing relevant and quality content to your online visitors? Digital marketing expert Digitise My Business explains that Google’s algorithm is clever enough to understand and analyse the content on your site. If your competitors are churning out high-quality content that is unique and informative, they are likely to outrank you. Quit producing content for search engines but rather focus on creating content that resonates with your audience.
You are using short-cut SEO tactics
Gone are the days where you would have multiple keywords, comment spam and even hidden links. Trying to use these techniques to cheat your way to better ranking will only get you penalised. Updates made by Google are able to detect this and this lowers your search ranking. If you’re looking to improve your site’s ranking, it’s important to get in touch with an SEO agency that will advise you on the best methods to increase your ranking.
Poor navigation
If a visitor finds it difficult to find information he’s looking for or they have to go through several steps to get what they want, they’ll eventually leave and never come back. A site that isn’t user-friendly also leads to low rankings. Have an SEO expert advice you on some ways to make the site more users friendly.
You didn’t do any local SEO
Having a site that doesn’t use local SEO only leads to low ranking as you’re missing out in ranking for geographically relevant search terms. Have a local SEO firm help you with this to ensure that your online listing is consistent in many different areas. If your site is guilty of these mistakes, it’s time you hire an experienced SEO agency. Not only will they suggest the right methods to increase your traffic, but they will also work with you to ensure that your brand is recognised that leads to more profit.
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