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Quick Clicks: Why People Leave Your Website

For sure, you heard the seemingly exaggerated statistic about people’s attention span nowadays. It’s shorter than that of a goldfish: a total of eight seconds. There are lots of factors behind this. For one, due to the constant pings and buzzes of social media and e-mail notifications, people are constantly distracted. And as people get used to overstimulation, they can’t stay put. For marketers and business owners, the challenge to hold consumers’ attention takes on a new level of difficulty, especially when using an online platform. It means that you have to be interesting and informative enough to keep users on your site. But what exactly makes them leave in the first place? Here are some possible reasons:

Your design is outdated

The first thing that people notice on your site, even before reading any text, is the color or font. In short, your overall design. People judge things by how they look. So if your design looks like it’s stuck in the 90s, you can guarantee a higher bounce rate for your website. Why would users endure the unsightly design of your jewelry site when they can see the same catalog of products in other more aesthetically pleasing pages? Don’t get stuck in the ancient. Revamp your color schemes based on your brand identity. Leave out the wacky fonts and go for professionally stylized. Update your photos with jewelry retouching services from professionals.

You have too many ads

Woman reading an online articleYes, you want to get more subscribers for your blog or have more people buy your products and services. But you also don’t want to bombard users with ads. It will ruin your design and make your brand annoying to users. Use ads sparingly throughout your site. Place them only in areas where there’s related content and where it’s not overly intrusive for readers. Apart from the location, size also matters. Make sure that the ads don’t cover most of the pages. Remember that your content is your priority. Instead of going for a banner ad, write great calls-to-action in the body of your content. Focus on what users can enjoy by subscribing to your blog or buying your products. Highlight the value of what you’re offering.

Your navigation structure is confusing

For sure, you’ve experienced landing on a website, looking for specific information, only to come empty-handed because you can’t figure out how to navigate the pages. When users can’t immediately get what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to click out of your site and look again through the search results until a website gives them what they need. Remember the golden principle in structuring content on your site: Always think of how website visitors want the information laid out. If they click a button, what do they expect to see? If they go to this page labeled Products, which items do they want to see? Think like a website user. Evaluate your website performance, particularly your bounce rate. If a lot of people click out of your site, it might be one of these reasons above. Make the necessary adjustments to see the difference.
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