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Digital Marketing Revolutionized

For any business, visibility to potential clients and the market at large is what will keep the company afloat. Therefore, advertising a business and its operations becomes a critical aspect of running a business. Businesses utilize media such as TV, radio, and print. However, we are in the digital era, and companies need to embrace technology to be effective in their advertising efforts. A recent trend is CTV advertising. But what is CTV? CTV (connected TV) refers to a television that has a direct Internet connection. Connected TV incorporates most electronic devices, such as smartphones and gaming equipment. Connected TV is one of the platforms that air video content in the form of over-the-top. This does not depend on a multiple-system operator. Connected TV has already permeated the market and is the next big thing in advertising for the following reasons:

CTV is a great advertising opportunity

As of now, there isn’t much CTV inventory. However, that is not a reason to worry. CTV is growing at an alarming rate, thus increasing the opportunities to advertise on this platform. Further advancements in technology will accelerate the use of CTV.

CTV ads are effective

CTV operates like traditional television except that it has an Internet connection. That means that the viewing experience is the same.  Nevertheless, an advertiser has a high chance of reaching an audience depending on the app data. That guarantees a higher ROI than television advertising. Combining this with the fact that viewing content on CTV is cheaper than on traditional TV, viewers are less likely to dislike or ignore the ads.

Millennials are frequent users of CTV

man playing video games Millennials constitute a large percent of the market today. Advertisers are having a hard time capturing the attention of millennials as their consumer behavior is unique. It is worth noting that millennials and Gen-Zs are heavy consumers of content from Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix. Therefore, it is safe to say that this group of people can gather in one place: connected television. Advertisers will then reach the millennials effectively when they embrace connected TV advertising.

CTV has no boundaries

Since CTV relies on an Internet connection, it is therefore in use in many places. At present, homes, hotels, and companies have an Internet connection. These days, people who do not use the Internet are rare. It can be challenging to stop yourself from going online to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Basically, the many forms of online content can increase the popularity of connected TV. As a result, advertisers can be sure that their ads reach a broader audience than other digital platforms. In the end, the changes in modern living dictate how different businesses should run their operations. In light of the digital era, companies should embrace digital advertising and other kinds of media to reach more people and remain relevant in the industry. As for the effectiveness and validity of CTV advertising, there is no doubt that it is the core of future advertising.
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