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Couple bought a new house

Prepare For These Costs When Buying a New Home

Couple bought a new houseHave you already bought a house before? If so, then you probably know the expenses that come with buying a new property. If not, you should familiarise yourself with stamp duty, conveyancing or surveys because these will affect the total cost of the house. Here is a closer look at the steps you need to take before sealing the deal on that new property:

Stamp Duty

This refers to the tax charged on property purchases that go over a certain amount. You can calculate the stamp duty of the new home using an online stamp duty calculator or with the help of a certified accountant. Laws regarding stamp duty may get updated, so you must check with your local government.

Long-Distance Moving

When you are buying and moving to a new home, you need to transfer all your belongings from your old house. This will require professional moving services, which involve paying a certain amount to the moving staff and the lorry driver.


Conveyancing refers to buying and selling a property as a legal process. There are terms and conditions involved when you buy a new home, and a conveyancer can help you understand them better. This will make you more confident that you’re signing a fair contract with the seller.


Setting funds for this is important because surveys allow you to know if the building you want to buy is still in good condition. Depending on the findings, you could renegotiate the contract with the seller, agree to sign it, or back out of it. There are costs that you may not know when buying a house for the first time. That is why it is important to do your research on these expenses. Once you are familiar with the process, you are on your way to a hassle-free home buying experience.
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