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3 Tips for Team Building Retreat Planning

bus on the roadA team building retreat is one of the best activities to get employees engaged. This is why companies don’t think twice about allocating resources for this activity. In many cases where events are involved, the budget is often the issue. However, with team building activities, since money is rarely the problem, the planning becomes the big burden. Those who get assigned to the task of planning a team building activity can get easily overwhelmed. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Know who’s coming

Getting the exact headcount for an activity early on in the planning process makes the planner’s life so much easier. For team retreats, there are cases where not everyone can make it or some people would like to bring their kids or significant others along. Knowing the number of people you need to plan for makes the decision-making smoother. From the bus charter in Sydney to trimming down the possible destinations, getting the most accurate count will minimise any potential headaches moving forward.

2. Listen to the people, but not too much

Unlike weddings where the soon-to-be-wed makes the most decisions, team building retreats often come with the responsibility of making sure everyone gets to have fun. While it’s good to get the pulse of the group when it comes to the destination or the food choices, protect yourself by making sure not to ask questions that are too specific. Don’t gather specific recommendations for establishments or caterers. Instead, if you’re surveying the team, give multiple choices and general options.

3. Stand your ground

Once you have a plan, focus on executing it. Many events fail because people want to make all the changes as they go along. Remember, the success of team building retreats largely relies on the games and activities that need people’s participation, so don’t sweat over every little detail in the food and venue. Refrain from altering the plans to cater to other people’s wishes. Stand your ground and execute! Team building retreats are very rewarding not only for the team but also the company. It forges teamwork and trust. Follow these tips and save yourself much of the headache of planning.
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