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On the Floor: Planning the Layout of Your Store

storeUnbeknownst to many retailers, a store’s layout helps with the maximisation of all sales opportunities. This becomes possible by capitalising on varying shopping behaviours and the way products are displayed. The rationale behind it is simple: customers are more likely to buy your products if they are easy to find and reach. Planning the store interiors, however, is not always easy. You will have to consider the factors that may affect the configurations of the shop, such as the size of the space, the number of products you want to display, expected traffic and certain regulations. You will have to explain all these specifications to the shop fitter you will work with. Below are some pointers to make things easier:

Setting Things Straight

A straight floor plan might be best if you are just starting out. It may be basic and straightforward, but it maximises efficiency for your staff and customers. This works for spaces of any shape and size. The layout can also help disperse customer traffic by leading them to the aisles formed by shelves.

Using Some Angles

You can arrange the shelves in interesting angles for an air of sophistication. Floor plans under this category are ideal for shops that sell expensive products, such as high-end clothes and shoes. These layouts will also make it easier for customers to navigate your shop. Angular displays eliminate the need for long aisles, which may frustrate buyers.

Putting Up Some Signs

Most retailers forget to put signs where they are most necessary. Areas such as the ends of aisles need to have a sign that will direct customers to another department or to areas where the promoted products are displayed. Do not forget that customers have different needs. Makes sure that the layout of your shop is accessible to persons with disabilities. Take note that the shop is also a workplace, so put ergonomics on the list. Consult a commercial interior designer and outfitters for more information.
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