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Landing a Job

Ace It! The Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Job Interview

Landing a JobWhile there seems to be a lot of job vacancies around, but why does it seem like you just can’t land the perfect one for you? Here are a few tips from Quinn Recruitment on the do’s and don’ts when going for a job interview.

Do make a good first impression

Before going to your interview, do your research. A simple visit to the Web site of the company you’re applying to will yield a treasure of information. Pay attention to industry figures, trends, and news. When your interviewer asks you what you think about their company, you’ll be able to give a more informed answer — definite plus points.

Don’t show up looking sloppy

Even if you are applying to a very casual company, put your best foot forward and make sure you’re dressed neatly. As a general rule, avoid clothes that are too revealing and choose neutral colours. Avoid wearing too much accessories; if you must, keep them small and classy.

Do clean your social media

It certainly won’t be a good impression to your future employer if he sees your social media littered with let’s say, I’m-having-too-much-fun photos. There are several apps you can use that will help make your account be more professional.

Don’t get lost in long and winded answers

While it is important to show your interviewer that you are well-informed, nobody likes to listen to one person for too long. Be engaging, but keep your answers concise. Be upbeat, but don’t sound overly eager.

Do create your “story”

The question ‘tell me about yourself’ inevitably comes up in any interview. As such, it’s best to prepare one in advance — take time to sit down and write the highlights of your life. Then, summarise your notes and use them to craft a cohesive answer to ‘why is this job for you?’ It might be rooted in a childhood dream, something that a teacher had said to you, or something that you’ve grown to love. Talk about your professional experience, and the personal notes behind them.
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