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Marketing for Small Businesses: Using Branded Merchandise

Clothes shop owner holding a tabletThe use of promotional products is an excellent marketing strategy for small businesses. They are low-cost and enhance market reach. Some of the commonly used promotional products are items used on a daily basis like pens, notepads, calendars, etc. Here are ways you can effectively use branded merchandise for your business.

Issue Promotional Items at Events

Business fairs, trade shows, workshops and conferences are good places to showcase what your business has to offer. With the aim of exposing your business to new clients, offer customised products like branded pens, for example, suggests Woolston Printing. To engage potential clients more so they can feel that they earned the items, let them join different activities and redeem items such as power banks and water bottles. Doing this will create a lasting impression of your business.

Give Wearable Merchandise to Employees

Your employees are the number one brand builders of your business. They interact with potential clients every day at various locations, which include the workplace, sporting events, trade fairs and institution events. Each of these encounters is an opportunity to market your brand. This way, clients can ask questions about your business and eventually, you can convert this into a sale. For the wearable merchandise to be effective, make sure that your business name and logo are clear and visible.

Offer Souvenirs When Closing a Sale

Your relationship with the client doesn’t end upon closing a sale. Giving a quality product that serves as a thank-you gift for choosing you will make your business stand out from your competitors while earning you referrals. Although this might be costlier than the standard items, it’s well worth it in the end. Promotional products have much to offer to small businesses, hence the need to create them thoughtfully and use them appropriately. Leverage on their cost-effectiveness to get your start-up noticed.
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