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Planning to move to a new location

Finding Legitimate Movers and a Reasonable Quotation for the Upcoming Move

Planning to move to a new locationOnce you have determined your moving budget, the next step is to plan how to save money for it. It helps to have a systematic way to go about choosing a long distance moving company. It all starts with finding a legitimate moving partner. Colonial Van Lines explains how you can do just that.

Finding a legitimate company within your budget

Transferring to a new place located a few states away can be costly. The cost of services and travel expenses can escalate exponentially if you don’t watch the figures carefully. Setting a budget should involve choosing a moving company—the first of a series of important decisions you will make in the next few months. If you have already established your capacity to pay for moving services, it makes sense to start checking out legitimate companies in the area.

Who is legitimate?

There are two things you need to look for when hiring a mover: licensing and insurance. The U.S. DOT system is a good place to start. You will find a list of registered movers that provide interstate services. State sources may also be handy. However, remember that state licensing only covers local moving companies. Plenty of references are available online. If you are resourceful, you will find reviews for movers as well. Accreditation standards at the state and federal level are quite stringent.

What type of service do you need?

There are different types of movers. Relocating your home or company may require the services of a specialized organization, so you better ask the right questions. Full-service companies are hands-on, from packing to transport to unloading. Understandably, their services are costly. If your budget is not sky-high, consider a self-service mover. To protect certain items that require special handling, you may need to set aside funds for the services of an experienced moving company. Lastly, getting a free moving quote is a huge part of it, and should be a preliminary task prior to deciding which company to hire. If you are well prepared, the upcoming relocation should be stress-free and smooth sailing.
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