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Make Your Employees Feel Happy, And Not with a Raise

Boss talking to his employees with courtesy and respectYou’re already on the right track if you are reading this with the thought of improving your relationship with your employees or simply making them happier than they already are. Happy and satisfied employees are less likely to leave, badmouth you or your company, and do anything to sabotage your operations. They may also become your best marketers, especially when attracting new talent. To keep your employees happy and loyal to you, here are some suggestions, and they don’t include giving them a raise.

Treat them with respect

Early on, you have to set the rules and boundaries, so your employees know where they stand. They are not likely to treat you as a friend, but you can make them feel comfortable around you if they know you respect them. This is not just about what they see, but perhaps more about what they don’t see but find out about. If you badmouth an employee behind their back, they will lose respect for you faster than you can point out whatever reasons you may have.

If you want results, give them the tools

You cannot expect your employees to deliver if they don’t have the tools to do their job. For example, you can’t expect warehouse employees to move faster if you keep rejecting that request for forklifts and trolleys. As for your sales teams, it helps to send them to retail training programs by The Friedman Group so they can learn something new and apply that to what they are doing.

Respect and nurture work-life balance

This is why more employers are considering a work-from-home setup for at least a few days of the week. See if this can work for your company. If not, at least think of ways to avoid pressuring and overworking them. Don’t call them on the weekends or during their off-days if you can help it. If an employee invites you over for a barbecue along with some other employees, make time to join them now and then. It gives them the impression that you’re there for them not just on workdays but when they’re having fun, as well.

Don’t embarrass people

Don’t embarrass people in front of others. When somebody makes a mistake, tell them with a firm yet respectful tone. If possible, ask them to come into your office or an area where you have privacy. Do the opposite when praising people for a job well done; do it where others can witness. Give employees a reason to smile and be proud. There are plenty of ways to make your employees feel thankful and happy that they are working in your company. The trick is to avoid doing the opposite of what is good for them.
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