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3 Healthy Reasons You Should Try Mexican Food

A Platter of Mexican Food The 14th largest country in the world, Mexico, is home to a mix of several ethnic groups. The majority of the people who live in Mexico speak Spanish, but a percentage of the population have their regional languages. The culture is popular for religious values and the church, and there is a strong sense of family. Many Americans, however, know and appreciate Mexico for their delicious cuisine. If you have never had the chance to sample the delicious Mexican food here in Alexandria, VA, you are missing a lot. The flavors are enough reason to dive in, but if you are looking for more reasons to try it, you might want to consider these healthy ingredients of many Mexican dishes.


The stone fruit avocado – also called butter fruit and alligator pear – is a mainstay in many Mexican and South American dishes. Being the only fruit that contains lots of monounsaturated fatty acids, it is now popular for slowing the aging process and reducing bad cholesterol levels. It also has ample helpings of vitamin K and about 19 more vitamins and minerals. Many health buffs consider avocado a superfood.


These blue-green freshwater algae are receiving lots of attention today for their benefits to health. Like avocado, many consider spirulina algae as a superfood. The algae grow in different parts of the world, from Mexico to Hawaii and even to Africa. Spirulina is flavorful, but it also detoxes heavy metals such as arsenic. Studies have shown that it can also help get rid of microbes in the body such as candida, lower blood pressure, and reduce cholesterol. It is so potent that it may even stabilize HIV/AIDS.


Many people who have added chia to their diets have reported an improvement in energy. Chia contains plenty of fiber, highly digestible protein, and omega-3. Chia can help detox your body, lower your cholesterol, and maintain a healthy level of blood sugar. Mexican fare has always been popular for its exquisite flavor. Now you know it also contains plenty of healthful ingredients, such as those listed here.
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