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Make the Workplace a Safe Haven for Your Asthmatic Employees

Man showing the work safety cardExposure to allergens and poor indoor air quality in the workplace cause or aggravate asthma in one of six individuals. Although asthma — a serious and life-threatening chronic condition — has no cure, you as an employer can contribute to better and more effective symptom management. With the right asthma management plan, you can help keep your employees healthy and safe. As a result, they can be as productive as possible, leading to better job output and increased revenue.

Understanding asthma attacks

While you may not have asthma yourself, it’s critical to understand it yourself. Asthma happens when the lungs of a person suffering from it become inflamed, resulting in airway constriction. This then causes difficulty in breathing, as the lungs have less space for airflow. There are also some cases wherein mucus forms in the airway, worsening the air passage restriction. During an asthma attack, symptoms including coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, and chest tightness manifest.

The possible culprits behind attacks

The factors that lead to asthma attacks differ from one person to another, although many sufferers share the same triggers. The workplace is often a haven for these triggers and allergens. Dust, mold, paint, gasoline, as well as other sources of strong odors like scented soaps, perfume, and air fresheners can all contribute to an attack in people with.

Minimizing asthma triggers

To prevent asthma attacks, it is crucial you pay a closer attention to items, objects, and materials that produce, contain, or harbor allergens. ProKleen and other experts say that you should include hiring a highly a qualified Provo janitorial service in your asthma management plan, seeing as many of these triggers come in the form of dust, debris, clutter, and filth. With the help of a professional janitorial team, you can minimize the risks, severity, and frequency of asthma attacks. They will ensure that the workplace has better indoor air quality by getting rid of some of the top contributors to air pollution and contamination.
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