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Keeping the Mess Down: Making the Office Tidy at All Times

Office Cleaning in WiriCleanliness is important in any place of work. This is especially true in an office where there are no windows and you depend on HVAC for ventilation. Neglecting cleanliness may lead to various health concerns. Allergies, respiratory ailments, skin irritation as well as the spread of contagious diseases are some of the problems you may have to deal with. To keep your office tidy and a healthy environment to work in, here is some advice:

Employees should never leave their desks cluttered

Aside from being judged by their peers, employees who leave their desks cluttered are less productive. Many studies have proven that a cluttered desk is a bad news for creativity and productivity. Inform your employees that their work areas are their responsibility. If you have to prevent them from eating on their desks or cubicles, then do so. If they should have a cup of coffee while working, they should have spill-proof cup holders on their desks. Some desks come equipped with them. A good practice they should learn is clearing up before leaving, then wiping their desks clean again when they get in the next day.

Clean the fabrics in your office

Have your curtains laundered or dry-cleaned regularly. You may also replace them with blinds that are easier to clean. You may not know it, but office seats harbour lots of allergens. Hire commercial upholstery cleaners to get rid of dirt, stains and allergens from the seats and other cushioned furniture in your office.

Hire regular bathroom cleaners

Bathrooms are notorious for harbouring bacteria and mould. It is a nasty experience to have to use a toilet that looks like a scene from a horror movie. You can’t expect your employees to clean the men’s and ladies’ room. Hire a commercial company specialising in cleaning and maintenance of such areas. Cleanliness is part of keeping your own workplace. It’s a necessary expense. But your employees should also cooperate in keeping the clutter and mess to a minimum.
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