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How to Prepare for Corporate Group Headshots

Corporate headshotsA single photograph can tell volumes about your company. It creates an indelible impression on the viewer that cannot easily be undone. Good advertising in today’s world relies on visual communication more than ever before. If done well, it attracts the type of people you want as customers so that they’ll at least take a second look at your products and services. This is true with all corporate communications. A lot of thought must be put into the pictures to be placed in Annual Reports, brochures and related media so viewers form a good first impression of your company. Most important are images of the men and women who manage and work for the enterprise. These corporate group headshots can have a significant impact on how you communicate the character and values of you company. As such, they must be done in as professional a manner as possible.

For perfect execution, follow these rules:

1. Hire and follow the instructions of a professional photographer. A photo shoot is too important to be entrusted to amateurs. A professional photographer with experience in corporate portraiture will have the skills to compose your photographs in a manner that clearly tells the viewer a story about the company through its officials and employees. 2. Plan and discuss the details of the shoot beforehand with your photographer; discuss the location(s), how many days, what time the shoot will start, what you will be wearing, what props may be needed, the shot list, etc. before the actual shoot date. 3. Come to the shoot early and relaxed. Get a good night’s rest the day before the shoot. Be early or at least on time so you can feel confident and relaxed for the shoot. This is your chance to create a good impression that can last for years. 4. Have a professional do hair and makeup for the subjects. Again, remember that the first impression of your company is formed by the faces of the people being photographed. It’s well worth considering the services of a professional stylist to make sure that hair is well-groomed and in place and that make up (even for the men) is applied effectively.


You simply cannot afford to ignore the power of imagery in advertising and communications. And a professionally done photo shoot can spell the difference between an amateurish-looking corporate image — and one that represents your best value as seen by your ideal customers.
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