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How High Should Your SAT Score Be?

Person Taking the SATsThe SAT is a stepping-stone that takes you a step closer to achieving your dream job and getting into the school of your choice. Many take the time to go through all levels to prepare for the exam. Whereas there are students who’d rather work and take high school classes online, according to The American Academy, However, like all tests, you need to have a competitive score to get ahead from other examinees. For those who prefer to anticipate their exam result, you can determine the averages that improve your chances of making it into your first or second university of choice.

Are You in the Average?

There is excellent, good and then average; your chances of getting into the program and school you want rests on your SAT score. How do you know where you rank? A recent study revealed that after SAT’s 2016 redesign, the average score for most students applying for college is around 1000. Their math scores are in the 541 range, while their reading and writing results were around 543. These are not bad, just average, which won’t improve your chances of getting into a top-tier school at the program you want. However, these scores are good enough for a majority of colleges and universities. Now that you know what the average score is, it is also important to know what’s below average. That range is any score below 1000, which may still get you into some colleges and universities. Your best bet of making it into the school of your choice is by impressing administrators with your application and extracurricular activities.

Competitive Level

If you want to know where you stand against the competition, you can refer to the top-tier scores, which are in the 1200–1600 range. If you’re in this group, you’re in the top 10–25% of all those who took the test. Knowing the competitive and average scores for SAT allows you to identify a number you can reach once you take the test. Having a goal keeps you focused and will help you plan your study habits, and which topics to focus on.
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