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How Can You Keep Your Tenants Happy and Paying on Time?

A tenant discussing a document with their landlord According to an expert in real estate investing, rental properties are a lucrative long-term investment, as most people are looking for spaces to lease, whether for residential or commercial purposes. That’s why you need to do all you can to keep tenants satisfied; a disgruntled one may look for another place to lease or delay payments just to spite you. Americas Housing Alliance, LLC mentions that investing in real estate is a good way to earn a stable income, particularly if you plan to rent the property out. Many landlords agree on the following ways to keep occupants happy and paying on time.

Set Expectations

Begin the tenancy of a new occupant by setting the right expectations. State the rules and clauses to avoid any confusion. Mention any maintenance work they need to do during their stay, problems the plumbing or electricity had, or ways to maintain the garden. Provide tenants with important information about the spaces they are leasing and personalize your approach to develop a rapport with them. Tell them when the trash collectors arrive, so they know when to bring the bins out or where the meters are for gas and electricity. Doing these at the start makes for a smooth transition and answers most of the questions that a tenant may have.

Avoid Being Too Friendly

Give tenants a courtesy call or email to see how they’re doing; this gives you the chance to know how to make their stay more comfortable. But going beyond this may come off as too friendly. You don’t want occupants to feel that you’re monitoring their every move. Provide them with enough time, preferably 24 hours, before coming in for an inspection.

Details Matter

Small acts, such as leaving a housewarming gift, sending Christmas cards, or replacing old furniture and appliances with new ones go a long way in making a tenant feel welcomed. These gestures may seem simple, but their positive effects on tenant relationships are big. These are just some of the ways to improve your relationships with tenants and develop a rapport with them. A strong tenant-landlord relationship reduces complaints and makes an occupant feel more at home.
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