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Handy’s Success Shows How Online Service Brokering Makes People Rich

Handy LogoMost people value cleanliness in the home the same way they value their personal appearances. Unfortunately, some do not have the time nor skill to do the cleaning themselves. Even looking for trustworthy, professional cleaners can be a hassle sometimes.

But thanks to online brokering services, it only takes a few clicks to get your desired service.  That’s how 31-year-old Oisin Hanrahan, boss and co-founder of Handy, made his millions.

Handy (formerly Handybook) company provides cleaning and handyman services to residents in the US, Canada and United Kingdom. Hanharan established the company in 2012 with co-founders Umang Dua, Weina Scott and Ignacio Leonhardt. The inspiration came from Hanharan and Dua’s struggles in maintaining their apartment when they were in Harvard.

How the business works

The process takes about three minutes. People have to book for services at Handy’s website. They only have to type fill in an electronic form detailing their desired service, address, date and time of appointment. After paying online, they will get a confirmation and a professional at the date and time they indicated. The company contacts the cleaners for the clients. Clients have 100% money-back guarantee in case of job cancellations or dissatisfaction with the service. From a company of four, Handy now has cleaning services in other countries, and it’s earning millions of dollars.

Handy is one of the many businesses that benefit from the widespread use of the Internet. This  company’s success also demonstrates the fact that people can make money even if they’re not doing the actual work. Through online service brokers, people’s lives are made easier and some get richer.

Perks of online service brokering

Brokering is a good way to get more cash because it does not require much capital. Businesses who are using this method capitalized mainly on stable Internet connection, website, phone and network of people who will perform the service.

Another advantage of being a broker is that people get to increase their network of clients and investors. Service brokers merely have to widen and maintain a good relationship with their list of professionals. As their reputation with their clients and contracted professionals grows, so does their potential investments and returns.

For the clients, having a broker lessens their worry of hiring people with unknown or questionable backgrounds. Service brokers’ business relies heavily on their client’s trust, so they’ll make sure that people are getting quality service and professional hired help. This also lessens the burden on people who have don’t have time, skill and energy to perform do-it-yourselfers.

Online service brokering is good for people who want to have alternative income-generating scheme with a low capital. All they need is constant access to the World Wide Web, phone and a network of people. For those who are tired of doing menial tasks, perhaps calling service brokers would be a good choice.

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