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Facebook’s Use Of Cinemagraph Takes Advertising To The Next Level

There’s beauty to be had in moving pictures. They bring life to captured moments . People can’t help but be drawn to the endless loop of movements. It is through these moving pictures that most companies base their advertisements and livelihoods nowadays.

Such is the allure of these moving pictures that Facebook encouraged its advertisers to use the technique called cinemagraph.

What it is

Cinemagraphs are two-dimensional pictures that have continuous movement embedded in them. The process involves taking multiple pictures or recording a video at varying angles. People use image-editing software to arrange the images or scenes to make it an endless loop. Images become enhanced with so-called repetitive movements, which are actually multiple frames. Pictures are published in an animated Graphics Interchange Format or GIF.

Cinemagraph was introduced in 2011 by  Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who used it to decorate their fashion and news photographs. This technique has become popular that the creators are now bringing it to the attention of the leading social network in the world.

As a marketing strategy

FacebookThis strategy puts Facebook in a more favorable position since it’s photo network Instagram already has a new feature that allows videos to play on a loop automatically. This photo-video hybrid will entice users to use Facebook and Instagram more often. The company can also use it to make their ads more compelling.

Many advertisers preferred this method because of the hypnotic feel it exudes to the users. Some would get puzzled when advertisers can use moving videos instead of cinemagraphs. This is what Beck had to say about the merits of using cinemagraphs:

“We’ve had all kinds of new inquiries [from brands].They don’t want video that’s so noisy; they want a cinemagraph because it has more elegance.”

Advertisements don’t have to be full of sounds all the time. Their message may become unclear if the ‘noise’ overwhelms it. Cinemagraph helps advertising become easy and attractive by making the message simple and clear-cut.

How everyone benefits

People who want to promote their smalltime businesses can also benefit from making cinemagraph. Materials and software required to create GIFs are few and are easily found on the Internet. It saves time and file space to create ads compared to editing videos, which undergo many processes.

Facebook’s advertising executive disclosed that in the few days we’ll be seeing more of these moving pictures. Now users get to spend more time in Facebook and Instagram playing with their pictures and videos.

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