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From An Idea to Reality: Making A Business Pitch That Works

So you got your business idea and goals planned, so what is next? If you want to turn your business dream into a reality, you are going to need money. Therefore, you need to prepare a business pitch to present to any potential investors to get the funds that you need. To help you out, here are some vital tips that you should know.

Prepare Yourself

While you want to focus on the pitch, you also have to focus on yourself. You need to make sure that you are ready when you face the investors. They are not only investing in your business – they are investing in you. While a person may have a great idea, they do not want to fund a business to a person who seems lazy or unsure. You should be efficient, thoughtful, and fast when you deliver your pitch. That way, they will see you are a person worth investing in.


If you want your business pitch to be a hit, you need to do some research on your investors. That way, you can curate your pitch to suit their tastes so they will be more likely to fund your idea. For instance, you should search about how well they know the industry to see if they would be interested in you. You should also take a look at what they invested in before to figure out whether they may want to invest in you. You could also learn about their passions and interests to see if you can tweak your pitch for each investor.

Focus on the Essentials

While you may want to lay out every detail of your business plan, you do not want to bore your audience. You do not want to waste their time, and you need to make sure they walk away remembering your pitch. Therefore, you should try to keep your pitch as short as possible and cut out any unnecessary details. You might want to tell them your entire backstory about how you got your business idea in one fell swoop. For instance, instead of saying, “One morning while I was in my bed, scrolling through my smartphone, etc.,” you could say, “I got this idea one morning.” Remember, they will be more likely to remember your pitch if it is shorter. You can find presentation design services to help you make a clear presentation for your pitch.

Tell a Story

While we just told you to keep it down to the essentials, you should also focus on telling a compelling story. That way, your investors know that you are passionate about what you are pitching. For instance, you should tell an authentic customer story. That way, they will see there is a market for what you are selling. Your story should address why your service or product can help solve issues for certain markets. While you may want to use tech talk and buzzwords while you tell your story, you should keep it realistic and straightforward. Remember, it is more about the story behind what you are saying rather than the words that you are using. If you are planning to pitch your business idea to a group of investors, you better be ready. Follow the tips above to make sure you create an excellent business pitch.
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