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Making a Presentation? Here’s What You Should Not Do

PresenterWhether you’re facing a small group of your work colleagues or a sea of people in a large auditorium, making a presentation is not an easy feat. It’s a little bit similar to making a speech — you need to speak with confidence and radiate authority to convince your audience. There are many articles out there that expound on this topic, and you have probably come across some of them already. But, what about the things you should avoid when you present in front of people? Here are some of these presentation no-no’s that you have to steer clear of, according to Brad Montgomery of MontgomeryPresents.

Never Start With an Excuse

Some presenters think that beginning with an excuse, whether or not it’s a meant as a joke, makes them appear approachable. It’s not! Saying that “I was just informed yesterday,” or “I’m still jetlagged/hung-over,” does not endear you to your audience.

Don’t Delay

When someone in the audience asks a question that you know will be addressed in a later slide, avoid saying “I’ll get to that later.” It makes you appear as if you are stumbling on the question. The better way to address such situation is to skip ahead and answer the question. Audience interaction is the key to success in any presentation. When an opportunity such as this comes up, don’t delay.

Show, Don’t Tell

This rule applies to your slides. Too much text on a slide makes it look cluttered. Write down only the essential points in a summarized form. The point of the slides is to reinforce what you have to say. You’re there to give the information to your audience, so why make them read the information for themselves? Instead, use graphics to reinforce your message. This will help your audience to keep their focus on you instead of on your slide.
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