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Entry-level Positions for Graduates with Majors in Finance, Economics, and Accountancy

The industry of finance provides multiple high-paying employment opportunities for job seekers. Despite the promising future that this career pathway seems to offer, however, not everyone is lucky enough to obtain a position in large-scale corporations such as commercial accounting firms, insurance agencies, and banking institutions. According to Investopedia, most finance, economics, or accountancy graduates target jobs that allow them to obtain a high level of prestige and a hefty median salary. Unfortunately, though, students in the said fields outnumber the available work opportunities in major consulting companies. However, just because a finance job doesn’t appear posh, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be well-paying and rewarding. Furthermore, you can opt for small-time entry-level jobs to gain mastery and expertise that will enable you to work your way up the corporate ladder over time. Here, we have rounded up several industries or lines of business that provide suitable career pathways for fresh graduates:

Business Development

According to Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, it’s beneficial for a business professional to gain experience in at least one sales position throughout their entire career. A role in business development enables you to obtain a full understanding of a company’s product or service offerings. This, in turn, will help you develop deeper insights and be more familiarized with the demographics of customers. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to widen your network, gain substantial exposure to various industries, and acquire essential business development skills — all of which will prepare you for achieving your goal of rising through the ranks.

Faith-based Organizations

You can also obtain an entry-level position in church accounting firms in Southlake, TX. This type of firm offers audit services, accounting solutions, bookkeeping, and tax planning to a clientele of faith-based organizations such as private schools, churches, congregations, and other religious communities. In the United States, this line of industry proves to be fruitful, with a large number of non-profit organizations throughout the country. Accordingly, Texas has been placed in the upper half of ranked “religious” states which, as reported by the 2010 U.S. Religion Census, have at least 56% of its population adhering to a religion. Therefore, this state, along with Alabama, Louisiana, and North Carolina house a solid market of religious groups.

Government Offices or Departments

You can learn a lot from working in a government agency or organization as a budget analyst, a title that is also called a budget accountant or cost estimator. This position entails responsibilities such as handling and managing financial records, tracking payroll, analyzing finances, and performing some administrative functions. A budget analyst may also be tasked with reporting to finance managers or senior accountants and provide them assistance in crafting financial strategies or setting budgets.

Healthcare Providers

Graduate hugging her dad Providers of healthcare services coordinate with insurance agencies that are involved in financing patients’ medical care. Thus, such companies are in need of accountants who will be tasked mainly with making sure that there’s an adequate turnover of revenue so they can continue providing health care while staying financially secure and stable. The industry of health care is vast and constantly growing, leaving you with plenty of options for potential employers. Conducting research allows you to scrutinize each industry and land a job that matches your skills set and interests. Moreover, exploring different occupations throughout the course of your career will be beneficial for your corporate growth.  
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