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Décor Ideas for Rooms with Dark Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is used on walls and floors. Even so, some people assume that wood paneling is something that is reserved for dark basements and will not do much for their bedrooms, hallways and living areas. This misconception might keep you from enjoying all the benefits of barnwood interior walls for your interior décor. Most people think that wood reclaimed from barns are hardly suited for use in any part of their interiors. But the wood, in this instance, undergoes different restorative treatments to boost its efficacy for use. Moreover, this option is far cheaper than other building materials. The following are some ideas for decorating rooms with dark wooden wall panels and result in a modern look.

Let In Maximum Light

Dark wood panels can leave a room looking dull and more like an old dungeon. To guarantee this does not happen to your space, maximize the natural light that is coming in. Open up the walls and add big windows, better if they’re along the path of the sun. If sunlight is limited, install bright lighting. Clever artificial lighting will also create a comfortable interior. Go for wall sconces on the wood paneling and downlights that illuminate the wall.

Keep Your Flooring Light

Going for dark wooden floors seems like the ideal choice to match your paneled walls. However, this will make your space appear small. Match the dark walls with a light-colored floor. This might mean investing in light wood shade if you are intent on using wood all around your room. Alternatively, you can pick in bright colors. These options will create a beautiful contrast with the walls and balance the room.

Use Accents in Warm Colors

Dark wall paneling will create a warm and cozy atmosphere. To complement this rather than fight it, accent your room in warm colors, like throw pillows and area rugs. Or add modern furniture in bright hues. Be careful not to overdo it, though, creating a good layout and open spaces for traffic will give the room a comfy feel. If only one part of your room has the wood-paneled wall, you can include wall art on the opposite side in light tones, like peach and gold. You can also add small wall art pieces on the paneled wall. It doesn’t mean you have to drive screws or nails into your wall, you can use damage-free hooks.

Paint the Trim

Living room with orange theme You can also make your paneled wall look taller than it seems by painting its trim. When used for an entire room, you can go for different colors for the trim. The ideal paint, in this case, are light tones since these perfectly contrast the dark wood. You can complement an accent or a centerpiece more a more cohesive look. Some people choose to hide their wood paneling behind curtains and large wall paintings. With the above alternatives, however, dark wood paneling will no doubt be the best choice you make for your interiors. You will want to showcase it rather than hide it behind cheap paint, curtains, or artwork.
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