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Common iPhone Charging Mistakes You Never Should Ignore

Have you noticed that the battery performance of your iPhone diminishing over time? If yes, it is critical to note that that does not happen by chance. Although a phone’s battery tends to decrease in performance due to continued use, some of the causes of battery deterioration are a mistake of the phone owners. And, a majority of these causes of battery problems arise from charging errors, notes a phone repair shop in American Fork. On that, the following will highlight in depth some these charging mistakes which could be causing your battery problems:

Maintaining Full Charge on Your iPhone

Some people believe that maintaining the battery charge level at 100 percent will optimize its performance. While it is right to have a full battery, doing so often fries your battery over time. Phones can still perform the required tasks even when they are not at full charge. And, when you are away from your home your office, it is advisable that you always use alternative power sources but that will not over- or under-charge your phone.

Charging Phones when the Phone Case is On

Person charging his phone while using itProtection cases are the best options for that extra protection for your iPhone from potential damage. However, the phone case can act as a microwave when charging your iPhone. Your iPhone emits heat during charging. That means that if you have the case on during charging, it will trap the heat. It is advisable that you remove the phone case when charging to prevent the phone from overheating.

Charging with a Wrong Charger

Some of the modern chargers come with the technology that they do not power the phones when the phone becomes fully charged. That means that the phone cannot experience damage due to overcharging. Therefore, using different chargers from that that your iPhone came with, risks damaging the phone due to overcharging.

Storing the Phone without Charge

Most people have backup phones besides the main phones they use their day-to-day activities. These backup phones serve when the frequently used phone has issues. But, while you may not be using this backup phone all so often, ensure it is on a full charge when storing it. Leaving a phone without any charge compromises its battery’s performance. That happens because the phone gets used to staying without charge so much that it may not charge when you next need it to. But that does not imply you should be charging your backup phone as often. Storing it with full or, at least, just enough charge will protect the phone’s battery from any potential damage. It is essential you understand what could cause battery problems for every phone that you own, advises a phone repair shop in American Fork. That way, you know what you should and not do when charging your iPhone. A phone’s battery ought to last the life of the phone. But any charging mistakes could compromise the performance of the battery. So, if your battery is experiencing problems and you have been charging it right, request a replacement as long as the warranty is valid. Else, a reputable repair shop can help check and correct the problem.
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