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Strategies for Using PPC Ads to Boost Your Local Foot Traffic

Some businesses think that retail is dead because of the advent of online shopping. E-commerce is undoubtedly growing by leaps and bounds, and investing in your online audience is now essential. Customers, however, still prefer shopping at local stores where they can negotiate for better deals, physically inspect items, and do away with shipping costs. Local foot traffic is a significant contributor to the returns you will make in your physical store. Professional PPC management of your local ads is essential to get clients into your Raleigh store. One of the largest trends nowadays is ROPO, which stands for “research online, purchase offline.” There are different methods you can use for your local PPC ad to guarantee you reach the many local customers looking for good deals online before visiting your store. The following are some guidelines for boosting your retail store’s foot traffic using local PPC ads:

Use Location Ad Extensions

Local PPC ads now allow the inclusion of a location extension, which will display your store’s address within an ad. By using this extension, you will increase clients’ confidence in your business and make your business look ‘’real.’’ If you want to measure how well the location extension is doing for your ad, include a store visit measurement to track its conversion rate.

Incorporate Promotion Extensions

Pay Per Click written on a wooden cube in front of a laptop You can also increase the return on ad spend by including a promotion extension into them. This extension will display your retail store’s current promotions into the ad to boost awareness about the deals available at your store. Moreover, you can select the devices where you want the promotion extension ad to appear. Some companies, for instance, will choose to have the extension only on mobile devices to reach out to mobile users who now make up a large percentage of the digital audience.

Use a Click-to-Message Extension

A huge percentage of clients will prefer messaging to schedule an appointment rather than having to come to your store to do so. A click-to-message extension will offer an instant communication platform for clients to connect to your business through text. You can incorporate a message tracking system to allow the performance evaluation of your click-to-message extension.

Optimize Your Ads for High-Traffic and Store Open-Hours

It is essential for your ads to be visible among your target market when you are assured of their highest impact. You will first need to track your ad’s performance then pick which times a large portion of your target audience views your ads. Then, tailor the ads to show during these times. In most cases, the best local PPC advertising times are when your store is open. Customers love the convenience that online shopping offers, but the tactile shopping experience that retail store shopping provides still lures them. With over 60% of local customers looking online before walking into your store, it is imperative to incorporate the above strategies into your local PPC marketing campaign to appeal to them. Though the online market is lucrative, ensure you do not lose your local clientele in pursuit of those beyond your business’ geographical borders.
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