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Carpet Cleaning Essentials: Basic Methods and Considerations

a professional cleaner working on a carpetIs professional carpet cleaning necessary for removing dirt and stains? Indeed, slow vacuuming is enough to remove a majority of the impurities, since most of the dirt in the carpet is composed of dry particulate. However, what if oils and contaminated water soil the fibers? A vacuum cleaner may not be enough for a thorough cleaning. You might need janitorial services here in Chula Vista to deal with soiled carpets.

Cleaning methods

Water extraction method or steam cleaning involves the injection of a cleaning solution into carpet fibers, and then pulling the solution back using a machine. A powerful machine extracts most of the water effectively, allowing carpets to dry up. Professionals caution against over wetting, which makes the carpet susceptible to mold and mildew infestation. The cleaning method is appropriate for most types of carpet since the high-pressured jet spray is not forceful enough to damage the item. Dry cleaning or surface cleaning still utilizes water, but only a small amount. As suggested by the name, drying time is faster and more thorough. The method involves application of a dry absorbent compound, which is vacuumed out afterward. Nevertheless, full cleaning is more attainable with the hot water extraction method.

Different strokes for different folks

There are several types of carpets found in homes, and each one has specific cleaning and maintenance requirements. Professionals receive training so that they employ the best method for cleaning a specific type of carpet. For instance, oriental rugs should be handled very carefully and vacuuming with a standard rotating brush may damage the fibers. A canister cleaner is the appropriate tool and suction only setting is ideal. Meanwhile, pile rugs are cleaned differently depending on the fiber type. Silk ones are dry-cleaned usually, while woolen rugs undergo steam cleaning. Carpets must be cleaned regularly not only for appearance, but also for sanitation and hygiene. Consult with professionals for the specific needs of your carpets. Ask for advice before you rent or buy a proper carpet cleaner.
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