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3 Types of Architecture That You Can Find in Rockport, Texas

a view of Texas, USAApart from New Braunfels, Rockport is one of the places in Texas where beautiful architectural buildings and homes steal the show. Like most places, Rockport’s varying architectural styles were influenced by its diverse settlers, as well as the trends at the time the communities were being formed. If you’re hunting for homes for sale in Rockport, Rockport Properties, Inc. says these are some of the architectural styles that you could encounter:

Greek Revival

According to the Aranas History Center, the Greek Revival Style was influenced by the construction of Greek homes in New York that eventually spread to the West. Small or large, these houses were characterized by pillars in front because Greek temples inspired the structure. Homes in this tradition are commonly seen in plantations in the Southern states.


Also known as Spanish colonial revival, Spanish-Mediterranean architecture is a common feature of most neighborhoods in Rockport. These homes often come in the form of bungalows or two-story structures, topped by a red-tile roof. Though situated about an hour away from Corpus Christi, Spanish-inspired homes in Rockport resemble quite a similarity to those found in the former. The style is also reminiscent of homes in California and Florida, according to HGTV.

Second Empire

Second Empire architecture, as its name suggests, are those inspired by the Second French Empire. Their grandiosity and statement mansard roofs characterize them. Constructed in 1877, the Fulton mansion is one of the most notable examples of this type of architecture. The mansion is currently being repaired due to damages it sustained from Hurricane Harvey, though the interactive exhibits and shops of its museum, as well as its education and history centers, are open to the public. Rockport homes are sure to reflect these influences one way or another. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or a small space that you can call your own, Rockport, Texas has it.
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