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Bitcoin: Welcome to the Future of Payments

BitcoinImagine a world where you need not exchange your pound for a dollar and use but one currency to buy anything, anywhere in the world. That is exactly what bitcoins are. With such virtual currency, the planet is closer to becoming one giant market.

When you buy bitcoins in the UK, you are buying into the future. With the right source, you could enjoy seamless shopping and brisk business.

One Universal Currency

The possibilities are endless with cryptocurrency. As brilliant as an electronic money’s ability to cross borders, the Bank of England has dubbed the Bitcoin revolution as the ‘next Internet’. The bank seems bent on putting up its own cryptocurrency, buying into what many call the future of payments.

And the bank is not alone. At present, over 60,000 merchants, including Forbes magazine and Expedia travel, now accept the revolutionary digital currency. You can even order food online using bitcoins, as over 7,500 listed restaurants in Britain accept it as payment. As much as detractors are lambasting the merits of bitcoin, merchants are adopting it in droves.

Like any business transaction, however, observe caution. As ground-breaking as bitcoin is, nefarious online entities make it their goal to steal the cryptocurrency by all means possible, as the methodical destruction of Tokyo-based Mt. Gox by hackers has revealed.

Playing Your Cards Right

As always, be particularly diligent before you send payments in exchange for bitcoins. Whether it’s on a peer-to-peer network or a bitcoin exchange, what matters is you establish the legitimacy of the business you’re dealing with.

You have the whole world to transact with when you’re using bitcoins. Indeed, with that great buying power also comes great responsibility, just as you would handle real gold.

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