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Are You Over-Optimizing Your Site? Here are Signs to Look Out for

SEO Expert in Brisbane Optimising your website for search engines is critical if you’re looking to improve your ranking on SERPS. Nonetheless, too much of something can end up being a disaster, SEO included. But what does it mean to over optimise your site? Over optimising occurs when you create too many SEO improvements which negatively affect the site’s ability to rank on search engines. When Google looks at your site and realises that there are too many things going on at once, it creates a red flag and this could have your site penalised. Here are some of the signs that you may be over optimising your site.

Focusing on one link type

A lot of website owners do not realise that there are different types of links that can be built. They instead focus on one type. This leaves their sites looking unnatural. Including various link types from different sites is the only way to appear natural. You can use in-content links, social network links and links earned from guest posting and so on.

Multiple HSs

If you’re using multiple header tags, your site could easily get penalised. You should not use more than one H1 tag on a page. However, you can use several H2s and so on.

Non-branded keyword dense URLs

Over-optimizing your URLs is a recipe for disaster. Google quickly notices URLs with a tonne of keywords on their chosen domain. You should rather focus on creating a balanced brand name.

Use of non-relevant keywords

Trying to gain traffic for keywords that are not relevant to your site is a huge mistake. When people visit your site and find out that what you’re offering is not relevant, they won’t convert. Focus on providing content that is in your industry niche. Having too many irrelevant keywords will detract Google from indexing your site. says these are some of the things that indicate that you may be over-optimizing your site. Avoid focusing too much on the technical details of SEO; rather concentrate on providing unique content that is appealing to search engines and your users. If you’re not sure if your site is over-optimized, talk to Brisbane SEO experts who will analyse your site and make recommendations.
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