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Best Investments to a Smarter Home

Smart home installation in Bluffdale is fast becoming one of the top home investments in America today. That’s because rapid advances in home and appliance technology are starting to make normally dour tasks far more convenient. In fact, the bigger challenge is choosing which are the most critical investments that you need to make — there are so many options to choose from. Here are the very best investments that you need to make to start yourself off on the journey to a smarter home.


You may already have heard about the key utility provided by Assistants. These are usually compact speaker setups that accept voice commands and leverage the computing power of some of the world’s biggest tech giants. These include Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, as well as Amazon’s Alexa. All these have compatible home products that are effectively the nerve centers of any smart home. Nearly all of these can be controlled via a compatible smartphone or directly to the smart speaker. What assistants do is transform your commands or your intent into action from a great number of smart products that you can then get.

Smart TV

No smart home installation in Bluffdale would be complete without a smart TV. The venerable television was the very first appliance to get the smart treatment, after all. These LED TVs of varying sizes and even innovations are similar in that they all allow connectivity to the internet, your smartphone, and its apps. At the most basic, smart TVs allow you to mirror your smartphone to enable a wider viewing screen for your pictures, videos, and even games. At the most advanced levels, smart TVs allows you to consume content direct from their sources as is the case with YouTube and Netflix.

Thermostat and Lighting

thermostat on tablet Another popular application of smart technology that you need to get are environmental controls for your home. These include the heating and cooling controls. This is a lot more critically convenient option that you get. For example, they allow you to make things comfortable with regard to temperature without having to drag yourself over to your physical thermostat control. The same goes for your lights. One popular way this is used is to essentially prep your home for your arrival. You can have the lights ready to provide a secure walk to your front door and even fix the temperature to your preference long before you set foot in your home.

Remote Laundry

Another optimally convenient application of smart technology is with your washing machine. Sure, you actually still have to load up your clothes manually — things aren’t THAT smart yet — but you do get to control the cycles remotely. That means that you can effectively space the timing of each step of the process no matter where you are. This means that you can load up in the morning before you go to work, set the process going as you work, then just stow away your dried clothes by the time you get home. When talking about getting a smart home, you also need to be smart about your investment as well. Start with the most basic, the central control hubs, and work out towards all other components of the home. These are the best ones you should get to have a good start on your smart home investment.
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