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Bespoke Apparel or Ready-to-Wear: Benefits of Having Your Clothes Custom-Made

Take a cue from the new Duchess of Sussex and jump on the bespoke apparel wagon. From her royal wedding to recent outings, the Duchess had been seen wearing bespoke apparel from Givenchy to Carolina Herrera ‒ a mark that bespoke and customized clothes are definitely high-up in the haute couture.

Bespoke or ready-to-wear

Apart from the high-end fashion houses, bespoke apparel isn’t only for the wealthy and fashion-conscious, and varies from exclusive brand promotion to small boutique clothes shops. For decades, ready-to-wear clothing was the go-to of almost everyone. It’s super easy to go to a high street store and pick out something off the clothes rack. With dozens of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something to like. However, finding something you like does not mean your size will be in stock. How many times have you bought clothes and had to take them to the tailor to be adjusted? Bespoke clothes not only guarantee that they will be of a design you like, but that they will also fit you well and be truly one of a kind.

Better buy

While it is true that ready-to-wear is often cheaper to buy than bespoke clothes, they may not be cheaper in the long run. Cheaper mass-produced clothes often mean they need replacement sooner. Bespoke clothes offer not only better design and fit, but they are usually better quality, particularly if you can select the material. For example, a typical shirt from a department store lasts around two or so years, while bespoke ones often last a minimum of four years. That’s nearly double the savings!

Real fashion luxury

Whether the item is a fashion investment, for a trendsetter or a brand promotion, bespoke clothing offers better quality and long-term savings. It’s not true that only expensive luxury brands offer this kind of service. Shops and tailors offer bespoke apparel at a fraction of the cost, but with the same quality and experience.
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