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Give Your Kitchen a Rustic Farmhouse Feel While on a Budget

Man installing kitchen cabinetsWarm, comforting, and intimate — these are what many people want from their kitchens. If you are one of them, you can achieve this with a large open space and playing on the farmhouse theme. The rustic design elements go a long way in giving the kitchen a cozy atmosphere, making it perfect for cooking food while entertaining guests. In fact, with a few, budget-friendly changes, you can give your kitchen that rustic farmhouse feel.

Wood Furnishings

Wooden furnishing and earthy touches are often the first things that comes to mind when the term “rustic” is mentioned. It was the most widely available building material back in the day, and now it features prominently in pastoral scenes. It also prompts feelings of warmth and comfort. Switching to wooden counter tops or cabinets, therefore, changes the whole appearance of your kitchen. You can do this while keeping costs manageable by opting for wholesale or ready-to-assemble wood kitchen fixtures. The natural grain and knotting of wood add texture, while neutrals give a clean and serene look. Consider displaying wooden kitchen equipment like chopping boards. This trick is another easy and inexpensive way to add a touch of wood to a kitchen.

Thrift Shop Treasures

Thrift stores are great places to get kitchen equipment or décor at bargain prices. You just need a little bit of patience to find it. There are a lot of good quality glassware, china, metal bowls, and jars in thrift shops you can use to furnish your rustic kitchen project. Cast iron pans not only fit well with a rustic kitchen but also last decades, making them extremely useful for cooking. The downside is it can cost a lot if bought brand new, so keep an eye out for cast iron pans in thrift stores. You can also try upcycling mismatched vintage dishes into wall decor or exchanging your kitchen light fixtures into vintage pendant lights.

Metal Accents

Metal serves as a great point of contrast to wood furnishings. In a kitchen full of wood elements, metal accents would quickly draw attention. The smoothness and shine of metal look great against the natural grain and texture of wood, as well. A quick and cheap way to add metal accents to the kitchen is to put your stainless steel utensils, pots, and pans out on display. Other budget-friendly options are retro brass or chrome handles, which work best with lighter-colored wood. You can go the DIY-route and turn old metal funnels, paint cans, and bird cages into charming shades or accents for industrial lighting fixtures. There’s no reason to go for a full renovation to get that warm and cozy rustic kitchen. Remember, your kitchen is more than just a place to cook good food, it’s the center for family bonding and socialization, as well.
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