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Accommodation in London: Things to Ask First

A Condo ComplexGetting into one of London’s prestigious universities is one thing. To prepare for moving into the city is another. Finding a great accommodation is one of the first hurdles you will need to overcome in this next chapter of your student life. As much as possible, you want to stay somewhere that is affordable and not lacking in quality. This balance can sometimes be hard to find. The place you choose to stay in can be a great factor affecting your education and social life. You should be extremely careful when scouting for affordable accommodation in London before deciding where to stay. To do this, LHA London recommends asking these following questions:

Is there Wi-Fi?

Almost everything you need these days is on the internet. From research and document sharing to syllabus and group work, everything involves staying online. Since this is a top priority, you should always look for it as part of the amenities at your accommodation of choice. Remember, though, that stable and reliable connection is important. You do not want to be staying at a place that will just force you to look for better connection every time.

Is the bathroom situation suitable for you?

Not all places you will find will have the best bathroom situations. Some offer communal showers while others provide shared bathrooms between two rooms. If you are the type of person who is sensitive to this need, you may want to look for private residences as accommodation. Those types, however, come with a price. While some dormitories might have a designated bathroom for each room, it can be difficult to find them. Keep looking until you find the best one suited to your needs. Living away from the comfort of your parents’ home is part of the university experience. Just make sure your choice of accommodation will not be a hindrance to your experience and success in your studies.
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