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Your Catering Business: How to Cook Your Way to Success

With parties and events all year long, running a catering business seems an attractive venture. However, if you have been operating one for quite some time now, you know that the food service industry could be intensely competitive. You need to up your game to increase the number of your bookings as well as your annual revenues. For starters, here are a few ways you can upgrade your catering business.

Focus on buffet-style service

If you have been serving banquets or plated meals, culinary specialist Top Shelf Concepts suggests you might want to switch to a buffet-style service. This type of service requires fewer staff members and provides clients with a faster service. In turn, you reduce overhead costs and, more importantly, you satisfy your clients who, by the way, can recommend your business to other people. With that, your bookings, as well as your revenues, will likely increase significantly. Do not worry about spending too much on new kitchen equipment when you switch to this type of service, as sets of commercial buffet equipment today come with reasonable prices.

Create live stations

Live food stations where a cook in uniform is present to offer a freshly made taco or a personalised omelette add an extra impact to any event. Fondue stations and ice cream sundae bars appeal to many people, as well, as they provide that unique experiential dining. Create stations like these for your catering service, and you will likely attract some new clients.

Expand marketing efforts

As with any other business, marketing plays a vital role in growing your catering company. So, expand your marketing efforts to increase your competitive edge. In addition to weddings and corporate events, consider targeting family reunions, children’s parties, school gatherings and other types of events. If you have not tried digital or social media advertising, consider them, as well, so you can reach more potential customers. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will likely enjoy a significant increase in your revenues in a matter of months. However, to keep on upgrading your catering business, make sure to watch out for food service trends and other industry updates.
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