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4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Cleaning Business

No one wants a dirty space, least of all those who have to work in them every single day. A messy commercial space looks unprofessional, and if you have a lot of clients or customers coming through, you do not want them to see the mess. It can also affect everyone’s productivity. When owners talk about improving employee productivity, they usually mean doing more work in a shorter amount of time. They rarely consider the cleanliness of the office space. Little do they know that keeping the office space in tidy condition will do wonders for employee morale. That is why some companies hire janitorial services in Denver. While it is everyone’s responsibility to keep their corner of the office clean, some things have to be left to the professionals. Owners should provide a clean and positive working environment to keep morale and productivity high.

1. Make a checklist

Before cleaning any commercial space, you should begin by making a checklist to keep things efficient. Refer to the list before starting any cleaning job. The checklist should cover all the bases of a cleaning job such as the breakroom, washrooms, reception, offices and workstations and conference rooms. Having a checklist with you saves you time and reduces the chances of a mistake from happening.

2. Allow your employees to organize their desk

Most offices suffer from a paper problem: too much of it. If you want to keep your office clean and clutter to a minimum, invest in equipment that will help employees to declutter their desks, and organize their files. For instance, you can provide cabinets as a centralized location to store essential documents. You can also offer wall pockets or desk trays for each desk. This will encourage your staff to organize their desks.

3. Deep-clean a carpet

Cleaning the carpet Carpets are heavy and difficult to clean, which is why they are quickly losing favor as the flooring of choice in many offices. If your office is carpeted, you need to clean it regularly as dust and dirt often settle in the fibers. While daily vacuum cleaning can keep the dirt at bay, you also need the occasional deep clean with carpet shampooing to keep the carpet clean and healthy. Professional cleaners often have the right equipment and formula for the job.

4. Use eco-friendly solutions

Many cleaning solutions are bad for people and the environment. When cleaning commercial spaces, make it a point only to use eco-friendly cleaning products. They do not even cost that much. Most mainstream brands already make eco-friendly cleaning products. If you want, you can also make your own with materials such as vinegar and baking soda. It is easier on the pocket and your staff’s hands. Cleaning a commercial space is hard work, but with a bit of planning and some elbow grease, you can clean offices and retail spaces in no time. These four guidelines will help you clean a commercial area easier, faster, and more efficiently.
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