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You Like To Move It, Move It: Tipping Trailers & Transporter Decks

TrucksTrucks have become crucial to businesses as early as the 1930s, ever since paved roads and highways enabled faster development. This promotes the deployment of several truck types, increasing the impact of the trucking industry on the economy.

Tipping trailers and transporter decks are just two of the trucks serving specific purposes.

Differentiating Tippers from Transporters

In New Zealand, there are companies and suppliers involved in the construction, transportation and trucking industries, such as Bison Equipment, which define the use of the trucks that they either rent or sell.

A tipping trailer or a tipper truck characterises itself by having a body capable of loading a heap of materials. The difference between a trailer and a truck is that a trailer cannot run on its own. The similarity between the two is the body, which is a container. Essentially, having hydraulics and the capability to dump materials makes one a ‘tipper’.

Transporter decks, on the one hand, go by many other names. Some people refer to these trucks as a car carrier trailer, a car hauler or an auto transport trailer, amongst other labels. While it does not necessarily limit itself to transporting vehicles, these trailer trucks have several sub-types as well, depending on the purpose and part. There are transporter decks with built-in ramps for loading and off-loading use, while others have power hydraulics for stand-alone accessibility.

The primary difference between tippers and transporters is most obvious in the object or objects they carry. Tippers, whether trailers or trucks, oftentimes transport materials such as soil, gravel or debris. Meanwhile, transporter decks or trailers have the capacity to load passenger vehicles, in addition to boxes or crates.

The Business of Moving

When it comes to land transportation, trucks provide the needed efficiency for the moving, freight or transportation industry. With the capacity to haul large quantities of raw materials or finished goods from plants to distribution centres, trucks also work in collaboration with the construction industry.

Without trucks, the business of moving will, and can, impair any economy or industry.

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