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Women Fitness 101: The How’s and Why’s of Building Muscle Mass

Fitness experts advise that having a goal in mind when starting your fitness training. Do you want to lose weight, lose fat, build muscle or a combination of the three? Lifestyle changes, a healthy diet and strength training play a significant role in helping you reach these goals. If you are looking to build muscle at a fitness training studio in Westborough, consider the following things that will help in your journey.

Recovery Time

Your muscles strain during every workout session, and they need to undergo healing for them to grow. Therefore, taking breaks in between workout sessions is vital for muscle recovery. Take a one- or two-day break in a week.

Adequate Sleep

Enough sleep improves your mood, boosts your performance and keeps your health at an optimum. Besides that, sleep helps in protein synthesis — an essential process in muscle growth. Sleeping for at least seven hours can help you build muscle faster.

Protein Intake

You should include proper dieting in your work-out program, for successful muscle growth. Protein is essential in growing muscle and recovery. The amino acids found in proteins are responsible for these benefits in the muscle tissue. Consider protein shakes in your efforts to increase protein intake.

Strength Training

Woman working out with weightsYou should change the amount of weight you are lifting to ensure muscle growth. However, being keen on how you increase your weights is essential as adding your weights fast will increase the possibility of injury while adding small amounts might not challenge your body enough.

Multi-Joint Workouts

Most people prefer resistance training for building lean muscle mass. However, performing multi-joint workouts with weights will build muscle faster. Building muscle at any fitness training studio requires patience, consistency and hard work. Eating more protein, getting enough sleep, allowing recovery time and increasing weight training will help you get to your goal of building muscle faster.
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